Baker Splitfest 2010

Big thanks goes out to Terry for making this happen. Couldn't have asked for a better crew to take part. It was a real pleasure to meet all of you. Definetly keen to do it again next year.

Cats from Glacier know how to chill.


Spark R&D Fuse Binding

Finally got my hands on a set of Spark R&D fuse plates. These suckers have been in hot demand this year. For good reason I'd say. Lighter, stronger, lower, and faster. Definately makes the ride feel a lot closer to a conventional shred setup. Touring is a better pivot with zero slop. I reckon I'll be using them for the uphill more than the down, but the uphill performance and greater ease in transitions makes them worth getting alone. The hype is real on the downhill ride as well, solid as a rock.

Sorry no binding riding shots as I've been shredding solo mostly lately.

New Diy Deck

Fresh diy split that was a rome notch 162. Is around a 156 now. Fun, fast turning, and responsive ride. The tail emblem told me to do it.


Wish I used it more often

Been a bit of a dry year in my neck of the woods. Needless to say it hasn't been the best year to bust out the Prior 176 pow stick out on the hill. First day out on it this season as we had almost 40cm in the last couple days.  The fondest memories of shredding the hill always seem to coincide with when I'm riding this board. Should bust it out more often. Swallow tails work!


Low vert and one hitters

First day out on a fresh stick meant pulling apart fresh skins. It looked tough, thought it might end up a two man job.