Last taste of the goods

April seemed to do a better job of coming through with some good snow than the last couple months did. My best runs of the season. Not bad for early april. At this point it sure looks like powder season is done. nice to go out with a bang. I have nothing but good things to say about the gopro hd after the first couple days testing. Versatile and handy little unit.

Gopro HD splitboard snowsurfing from nearls on Vimeo.


sunshine coast surf's up

Passed through the BC sunshine coast earlier in the month and witnessed a doozy of a storm. I reckon you could surf these parts a day or two most years. This is the second time I've witnessed a storm around here and had no gear to get in the water and enjoy it. I'll just tell myself that is was too windy and it wouldn't have worked anyways. Next time.


Easter powder

The prime winter months haven't been too kind this season so it's nice to see April coming through. Finishing out on a high note is the next best thing I suppose.