Another foggy one up the Gorge

Seems like everyday that I've had intentions of busting out the camera I have been met with foggy weather. Should be due for a sunny one soon. Treated myself to a new camera for christmas so maybe it will do a better job in low light than the cheapo point and shoot I have been using. Maybe I'm just making excuses for my lack of photography skills.

Despite the foggy weather staying in the trees helped with reference to see where we were going. The Alpine terrain in this zone is small and has been wind hammered most of the season anyways.


New life for old and broken decks

I've been keen try a shorter swallow shape for some time. If you chop the tail just past the effective edge the board should still ride true to length? Seems to be true. The old orange salomon is mine and the banana had a busted tail and was done for a friend. I bought the salomon for cheap and never bothered to ride it with the tail, straight to cutting. Started as a 160cm and is now a 150cm and still rides like a 160 on the groomers.


Re-Psyched Consignment Sports

Is now open for business in Revelstoke BC. Bring in your gently used gear or browse through the current selection of offerings. Stock is changing daily. Oh yeah, they also have white wave traction kits for sale. Drop in to 204 1st street east and say hello to the friendly staff (of one).




Saw this and was super impressed with the quality of riding and filming. Had no idea snow skating was at this kind of level. Way cool.