thrift store find

The lady found this at a thrift store for a $1. Looks like it was well loved, so I won't feel bad about taking it for a spin. The traction looks to be half sunk staples. It's missing the decals but I'm pretty sure it's the real deal Snurfer. Cool convex profile on the tail.


The first of three shorts coming out for this fall. Next one drops soonish....


Fresh out the shed

New one from the shed. Looks pretty, but rode kind of squirrelly in sticking snow conditions. Gonna have to wait a while to get it up in some pow to see if it's a dud or not.


White wave webisodes

Bit of a delay getting these up on the blog thing. First couple webisodes from this season. Hopefully get a couple more done before the season is out.


New white wave traction mount hardware

The new hardware allows all white wave traction pads to mounts to burton 3D and m6 ICS equipped boards.

purchases can be made here