It ain't easy being green.

Been slaving into the wee hours of the evening after work to get this thing ready for snow season. Learning many lessons the hard way as I go. The progress is exciting. Get what you want, no need to compromise on the dimensions you like.


New pad model. White wave traction 2 kits are shipping!

White Wave Traction 2. With canted dual density foam wedges for increased control and stability. Makes rope free riding that much easier.


Short splitboarder interviews

Cool interviews up on The Where is Kyle Miller blog. Interesting to see what other split shredders from all over the planet are into.


New State of the Art Production Facility

Just finished up some new benches and shelves for the factory. A whopping 8' x 12' foot print. Some might call it a garden shed, it's better than nothing. Cutting edge Canadian manufacturing.


Summer S#&t

Spring run off is done. Another dandy of a day on the water with Mr. Corrigan.


Swallow setup from down under

A cool looking setup from the hands of Firstlight Snowboards in Australia. I imagine their season should be starting soon.


360 carves!

I've been wanting to pull one of these since I was a kid. Looks like the alpine setup is the ticket to make it happen. The tailspin near the end is badass. All accompanied by a hot jam.


Last taste of the goods

April seemed to do a better job of coming through with some good snow than the last couple months did. My best runs of the season. Not bad for early april. At this point it sure looks like powder season is done. nice to go out with a bang. I have nothing but good things to say about the gopro hd after the first couple days testing. Versatile and handy little unit.

Gopro HD splitboard snowsurfing from nearls on Vimeo.


sunshine coast surf's up

Passed through the BC sunshine coast earlier in the month and witnessed a doozy of a storm. I reckon you could surf these parts a day or two most years. This is the second time I've witnessed a storm around here and had no gear to get in the water and enjoy it. I'll just tell myself that is was too windy and it wouldn't have worked anyways. Next time.


Easter powder

The prime winter months haven't been too kind this season so it's nice to see April coming through. Finishing out on a high note is the next best thing I suppose.


Baker Splitfest 2010

Big thanks goes out to Terry for making this happen. Couldn't have asked for a better crew to take part. It was a real pleasure to meet all of you. Definetly keen to do it again next year.

Cats from Glacier know how to chill.


Spark R&D Fuse Binding

Finally got my hands on a set of Spark R&D fuse plates. These suckers have been in hot demand this year. For good reason I'd say. Lighter, stronger, lower, and faster. Definately makes the ride feel a lot closer to a conventional shred setup. Touring is a better pivot with zero slop. I reckon I'll be using them for the uphill more than the down, but the uphill performance and greater ease in transitions makes them worth getting alone. The hype is real on the downhill ride as well, solid as a rock.

Sorry no binding riding shots as I've been shredding solo mostly lately.

New Diy Deck

Fresh diy split that was a rome notch 162. Is around a 156 now. Fun, fast turning, and responsive ride. The tail emblem told me to do it.


Wish I used it more often

Been a bit of a dry year in my neck of the woods. Needless to say it hasn't been the best year to bust out the Prior 176 pow stick out on the hill. First day out on it this season as we had almost 40cm in the last couple days.  The fondest memories of shredding the hill always seem to coincide with when I'm riding this board. Should bust it out more often. Swallow tails work!


Low vert and one hitters

First day out on a fresh stick meant pulling apart fresh skins. It looked tough, thought it might end up a two man job.


Mr. Grants Backyard

Got a chance to check out the goods up behind my friend Troy's house. Kind of cool to be on skins right out his front door.

T.Grant Photo


Backwoods Condo 2

Managed to wrangle a crew to make a weekend trip to the old condo. 4 seems to be the magic number for the setup. Anything more and navigating the indoors gets tight and gear drying space gets maxed. Anything over 4 means someone takes the "hotspot" overhead bunk and has to sweat it out near the roof. This bedtime locale is reserved for members of less tenure who conveniently weren't around to help when it came to setup time.


Backwoods Condo

Had this hot piece of mobile real estate for a few seasons now. We've been putting it in new spots every season. Moved it the first year because forestry said they would destroy it. Moved it year two because the spot had a limited supply of terrain. This years locale is looking mighty fine, however we'll have to see if forestry finds us again. Might have to yank it in the summer and throw it back in the fall.


Homemade fun

Just finished this diy job up and had a couple fun days on it. Seems to work well. Fast, loose, and light. Never had such an easy go at the kick turns.


Early Jan. shredding

Had a couple friends come visit around the new year for a few days. Had good stability but the visibility wouldn't cooperate. So we spent most of our time timber cruising. No action shots on day one due to flat light and laziness.

Even though it was Liam's first time on a splitboard he managed to get it all sorted out rather quick.