Backwoods Condo

Had this hot piece of mobile real estate for a few seasons now. We've been putting it in new spots every season. Moved it the first year because forestry said they would destroy it. Moved it year two because the spot had a limited supply of terrain. This years locale is looking mighty fine, however we'll have to see if forestry finds us again. Might have to yank it in the summer and throw it back in the fall.


Homemade fun

Just finished this diy job up and had a couple fun days on it. Seems to work well. Fast, loose, and light. Never had such an easy go at the kick turns.


Early Jan. shredding

Had a couple friends come visit around the new year for a few days. Had good stability but the visibility wouldn't cooperate. So we spent most of our time timber cruising. No action shots on day one due to flat light and laziness.

Even though it was Liam's first time on a splitboard he managed to get it all sorted out rather quick.